Counselling Services

What is Social Work?

Social workers help people deal with the day-to-day problems that reduce the ability to cope and function at an optimal level in personal and family relationships, at work, at school and in the community. Social workers focus on the social and emotional as well as economic factors that contribute to overall health and social well-being.

The Social work profession is regulated under provincial legislation in Ontario. The initials “RSW” (Registered Social Worker) after a person’s name indicate that they belong to the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and they have the legal right to refer to themselves as a Social Worker.

Social Workers have university degrees in social work. BSW (Bachelor’s degree in social work), MSW (Master’s degree in social work) or PhD/DSW (Doctorate in social work).

What Services Do Social Workers Provide?

The social worker plays a critical role in the provision of services at Georgina Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic.
Our Social Worker provides the following services:

  • Depression counselling
  • Stress/anxiety counselling
  • Assistance coping through grief and loss
  • Marital/Relationship counselling
  • Work/School related problems
  • Addictions counselling including smoking cessation
  • Assistance coping with a chronic disease
  • Enhance problem-solving, coping and developmental capacities of individuals.
  • Resource and link people with systems and supports that offer resources, services and opportunities for the individual’s unique needs.
  • Various group programs related to mental health and wellness

How Do I Get A Referral for Social Work?

Nurse Practitioners make referrals to the clinic Social Worker if the patient agrees and:

  • When in need of short term support regarding mobilizing existing strengths/ resources, referral and connections to other community resources and advocacy for needed services
  • When in need of connecting with the broader mental health system for more intensive interventions. Social worker services can be accessed for individuals waiting for services or have been discharged from hospital services to ensure continuity of care.