Clinic Building Update

In News by Georgina NPLC

To alleviate any confusion, the Georgina Nurse Practitioner-Led Clinic Team of professionals will continue to provide services to the residents of the Town of Georgina.

Although we are saddened that the Dalton Road site will not be able to be rebuilt, we will continue to provide high quality team based primary care to our registered patients, local shelters, 2 group homes, the Chippewas of Georgina Island and referred persons from our two Sutton physicians.

Thanks to the owners of 152 High street, the Georgina NPLC is fully functional in the temporary (if small) location and has been since January 2018.

It has come to our attention that since the Georgina Community Health Care Council’s announcement of their inability to fund the new building, there have been many questions about the Clinic’s grant awarded in the Fall of 2017. We will do our best to provide a brief background so that there is transparency related to this grant.

• 2010: Initial application for the clinic included the ask to move into a new building (supplied by a builder) as the 21071 Dalton Rd. site was very old and did not meet current standards
• 2012: Ministry funding letter commits to allowing the Clinic to do the interior work on a new building where the Clinic would rent– the Clinic enters negotiations with a builder at Jackson’s Point
• 2013: Due to long delays in building a building– the Clinic ends the relationship with that builder
• 2014: The Clinic investigates the possibility of renovating 21071 Dalton Road –3 groups were interested, however this was deemed too expensive for the structures age and was not done
• 2015: The Clinic enters into another agreement with the new owners of the Jackson’s Point site and submits a very large and detailed application to the MOH for a grant to fund the interior of the new building
• 2016: The Ministry asks for more information towards the grant
• 2017: The Ministry graciously awards the grant to the Clinic to fund the inside of a building
• 2018: After the fire (Jan), move to the temporary site and multiple delays the building is not built and the Clinic ends the relationship with the second owner of the Jackson’s Point site
• 2018 (Spring): The clinic starts talking with the GCHCC to re-build the 21071 Dalton Rd Site and have the Clinic grant pay for the interior work and the Clinic would pay rent
• 2019 (October): The GCHCC announces they cannot bridge the gap between the insurance funds and the cost of the exterior of a new building
• 2019 (October): The Clinic explores new options for a permanent clinic site where the grant funds will be used

So, to be clear, the grant was awarded to the Clinic based on an application to the Ministry of Health for the entire interior of a new building where we will then rent to the owners. This funding is for everything from the outside walls in! This includes inside walls, floors, doors, electrical wiring, lighting, plumbing, additional equipment and the cost of moving.

We hope that this post will help residents understand the long and painful road we have traveled. The Team and Board of Directors are confident that the final product will be a state-of-the-art medical facility for the patients and staff of the GNPLC.

Thank you all for your endless support!